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Journey to the Oases in Joshua Tree

Matt Mayo
While I waited for some follow up repairs to be done on my tow vehicle (more on that later), I decided to book a modern glamping cabin in Joshua Tree. I was in search of an Oasis. Literally and figuratively. I'd been eagerly waiting to venture out of California and see the rest of the country. In the meantime I planned to adventure places I could get to from central California in less than a day.

It all started with my stay at this spot that I booked on Hipcamp. It was beautiful, comfortable, and private.
Sarah House Glamping Cabin in Joshua Tree

Light and fresh air was abound.
Wide open space at the Sarah House

After settling in I found a cowboy. Joshua Tree, the town, is small spot but has all that you might need. Coffee shops that roast their own. Eateries with vegan food options. Diner spots with steak n eggs. And of course a few gift shops. I recommend checking out The Station if that's your kinda thing. I'm not really trying to collect things, but I like to see interesting stuff and there was no shortage including a viewing garden in the back with hand made sculptures.
The Station gift shop in Joshua Tree (town)

After getting settled in and fed I ventured into Joshua Tree National Park. I tend to look for places less crowded and started with a hike to the Fortynine Palms Oasis. This hike has its own entrance is not accessible from anywhere else in the park. It's about 2 hours or so and like everywhere else there is no shade so bring plenty of water.
Hike to Fortynine Palms Oasis

It was May and it was warm and dry all the way until the Oasis. Upon seeing it I could immediately feel the cool and wet air. Trees abound. And shade. The good kind.
Fortynine Palms Oasis

After a nice long hike I retreated to the cabin for rest and relaxation. The sunset was spectacular.
Sunset at Sahara House

I took a few long drives in the park stopping at the Cholla Catcus Garden. Also known as the jumping cactus, it was like one of those levels in Mario Bros. Don't get too close else you'll get poked!
Cholla Cactus Garden at Joshua Tree National Park

Blooming catcus up close - but not too close!
Cholla Cactus in Bloom

There was also another water filled feature, Cottonwood Spring. I could hear rushing water. This was a short walk from the parking area. A nice spot to check out in the blistering summers.
Cottonwood Spring at Joshua Tree
And I couldn't finish my trip without seeing at least one more oasis. This one is very accessible, The Oasis at Mara. Sadly, this oasis was fed with underground pipes as the natural water tables are too low to support it.
Oasis at Mara in Joshua Tree

The trip was rejuvenating. There is still so much more to see. Next time I've got stargazing on the menu as it's very dark in the park at night. You can go into the park any time of the day as it's open 24 hours year round.